Dr. Simons also greeted me with a friendly smile and was very patient with me as he tapped, cooled & heated to find the correct tooth as I was unsure which tooth was actually causing my pain. Karen and Dr. Simons were a perfect team as they both put me at ease by explaining what they were going to do and making sure through out the procedure I was comfortable. I felt they worked effortlessly through the entire process. The easy listening-oldies playing in the background was very relaxing & I would also add the quiet humming and occasional whispering of the lyrics from Dr. Simons lulled me to sleep.......Seriously!! I went to sleep while having a Root Canal. When I left I felt like I had a met a new family and if ever I need another Root Canal, I will certainly call for this team. God Bless you all. Gail

- Gail C

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